U-Channel Posts

- There are a variety of post types available for mounting signs. The most common type of post used for permanently mounting a sign is the u-channel post. Before buying posts online, we suggest that you check around locally to determine their availability. We make this suggestion simply because it is very expensive to ship posts. Obtaining them locally will save you a considerable amount of money. Check with local hardware stores, Lowe's, Home Depots and fence companies.

- The signs featured on this site are prepunched. You can use a 5/16th inch bolt to mount them. Such bolts are available in hardware stores. We offer vandal resistant hardware for those who believe sign theft may be a problem. It is not necessary to purchase this hardware to mount our signs.

- When purchasing posts, keep in mind that some of the post will be underground. The longer the post, the more that needs to be in the ground. Soil conditions also play a role with post depth. You need to put more of your post into the ground if the conditions are sandy; less if dense.

- BE CAREFUL! Most states have a "One Call Center". These are utility clearing houses that notify utilities to check a location to make sure that there isn't an underground line that could be damaged or cause harm if punctured. Follow this link to find your state’s One Call Center web site. Contact your state's One Call Center or locality before installing a post.