Sign Mounting Posts and Accessories

Purchasing a sign requires some consideration in where and how it will be mounted. Listed below is some basic information pertaining to sign mounting posts, chain link fence brackets and sign mounting hardware (accessories).

Sign Mounting Posts:

There are a variety of post types available for mounting your sign. The most commonly used are the u-channel post and a temporary sign support. The u-channel post is a popular way to permanently mount your sign while a temporary sign support is an excellent alternative for situations where it is impractical to permanently mount a sign in a permanent location. A temporary sign support is ideal for use in parking lots, malls, schools, offices and for crosswalks.

Chain Link Fence Sign Brackets:

It can be very difficult to find an appropriate means to attach a sign to a chain link fence. For this purpose, we stock brackets in three lengths to be used for that purpose. These brackets will fit signs that are 12", 18" and 24" in height.

Sign Mounting Hardware:

All of our signs are prepunched to take the headaches out of mounting. Our signs will accept a 5/16th bolt and can be purchased at any hardware store. However, there are occasions when sign theft may be an issue. If this is a concern, you may wish to purchase vandal resistant bolts and nuts. We offer two types of vandal resistant hardware to meet that need.